Commercial Services
W S Caulking  has been installing waterproofing systems and joint sealant systems on commercial projects throughout Nevada and Utah since 2008.

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Services Offered for Commercial Projects:

Below-Grade Waterproofing

  • Sheet waterproofing systems (peel and stick membrane)
  • Fluid-applied rubber waterproofing systems

Caulking of Joints and Joint Sealants

  • Concrete Pavement Joints
  • Tilt-up and pre-cast concrete expansion joints
  • Masonry Control Joints
  • EIFS & stucco expansion joints and termination joints
  • Aluminum, hollow metal, wood door and window frame perimeters
  • Joints at dissimilar materials
  • Polyurea Joint Filler
  • Compression Seals

Damp Proofing

  • Installation of damp proofing systems ​to retaining walls and foundation walls

Fire-Rated Joint Systems

  • Expansion and construction joints in fire-rated partitions
  • Head-of-wall joints
  • Expansion Joints
  • Construction gaps
  • Through-penetrations

Waterproofing of building walls, site walls, floors, exterior planters, basements. Keeping a building watertight is critical to the preservation of any structure. Water is, after all, the single most damaging element to a building facility. In many cases, facility managers and building owners are faced with water problems that plague a structure from initial construction. As time goes on, these problems become even more severe. Give us the opportunity to solve these problems for you, and to provide a maintenance plan for the future so you can avoid costly repairs and upset tenants.  We waterproof building walls, site walls, floors, exterior planters, basements just to name a few.

 There are vast numbers of waterproofing methods. Each tends to be well-suited to some applications and has drawbacks that make it a poor choice for other applications. The application or the purpose of your waterproofing, including the materials you’re attempting to waterproof, generally dictate the best methods. Each method creates a water barrier, only in different ways.

Caulking Repair and Removal
W S Caulking provides caulking to both new construction and maintenance to existing projects in need of repair.  This is to include caulking of tilt up and CMU buildings, concrete paving joints, window systems, Non-rated concrete panel joints, Fire-rated concrete panel joints, Non-rated CMU joints, Fire-rated CMU joints, Sidewalk paving expansion joints, Decorative concrete paving expansion joints, EIFS joints, Pipe penetrations and scuppers, Stone veneer.

Our team of skilled tradesmen specialize in the installation of caulking and joint systems designed to prevent a myriad of water intrusion and deterioration problems.  Proper caulking, especially between dissimilar building elements, can protect your valuable assets and prevent costly liabilities. 
Sealants are used to seal joints and openings in various architectural applications, which include:

  • Exterior and interior perimeter of wind
  • ​Building and material expansion joints and control joints
  • Interior perimeters of doors, baseboards, and moldings
  • Plazas and parking deck joints in traffic surfaces
  • Joints between tilt-up concrete exterior panels
  • Airport runway and apron pavement joints
  • Warehouse and interior floor polyurea joint filler
  • Bridge and highway pavement joints
  • Sidewalks, parking lots and flat work joints
  • Water and wastewater treatment facility joints (including in submerged environments)
  • Part of a fire and smoke stop assembly for joints and penetrations
  • Structural sealant glazing

What may seem to be a simple and mundane re-caulking job on the exterior elevations of a structures is, in fact, a complex combination of different products and application methods designed to seal the building envelope.

W S Caulking will assess your building, analyzing existing leakage from both window, door and other building openings.  We will look for structural cracking, failure of joint materials, and porosity of the vertical walls.  This will allow us to determine the work necessary to properly seal the building.

There is both a science and an art to successful completion of a functional sealant joint. We take into consideration the joint design, adhesion and compatibility testing while planning installation.  Sealants cannot make up for poor substrate conditions or improper or poor joint design. They must have:  Proper joint design especially for joints that experience movement.

Selection of a durable sealant product appropriate for its function and environmental exposure
Proper sealant, sealant backing, and joint filler installation.
Common Problems
Sealants are often the least thought about and contribute the lowest percentage to a project’s overall cost (less than 3%); however, they can become a serious problem and account for expensive damage if not sealed right the first time.

Long-term remedies pay for themselves many times over and should be the manner necessary to approach a project.

Types of Projects:

  • Education / Schools / Universities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parking Garages
  • Warehouses / Distribution Centers
  • Detention Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings / Condominiums
  • Hospitals / Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

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